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Keyboard shortcuts are vital to fast work flow in many programs, and Opus is no exception. In my custom toolbars, few of the original shortcuts remain. I have tried hard to make a rational collection of useful keyboard shortcuts, which often give access to custom functions that live in my toolbars. Opus is designed with this kind of flexibility in mind.

On this page, I maintain the list of Opus shortcuts that live in my toolbars, attempting to organize them into meaningful themes:

Three basic shortcuts
Display shortcuts
Copying & Moving shortcuts
Location shortcuts
Renaming shortcuts
Tab shortcuts
Selection shortcuts
Web shortcuts
Script-dependent shortcuts
More Great shortcuts

The work of inventing (or reading about) custom functions to go in the toolbars, making keyboard shortcuts to call these functions, and organizing such shortcuts is never done… So please feel free to send me your ideas in the comment form at the bottom.

Please note that most of the keyboard shortcuts below are not standard: they come with the toolbars for the Dear Opus interface.

Four Shortcuts to Get Started

Ctrl + ZOpens Undo list
Ctrl + TCreates a new text file.
Ctrl + NCreates a new folder.

Display Shortcuts

Shift + F5Refreshes the display to my Happy Place (My Lister)
Ctrl + Alt + F5Saves My Lister and sets as the "default" lister
Ctrl + EToggles between Explorer and Dual modes.
Ctrl + HToggles between Horizontal and Vertical modes.
Ctrl + SSwitches between Details and Thumbnails modes.
F6Pix Layout (rhymes with six)
F7Cycles through View Modes
F8Toggles the Preview Pane. (The 8 are the eyes in lOOk)
F9Toggles the Metadata panel.
F10Toggles the Flat View.
Ctrl + Alt + HHuge Mode
Ctrl + 0Resets the Zoom level to normal
Ctrl + Scroll WheelMagnifies or shrinks the file display's text and thumbnails
Ctrl + Plus / MinusAs above, magnifies or shrinks the file display's text and thumbnails
Ctrl + SpaceAutosize columns
Ctrl + Alt + 0 through 9Changes the file color (1-9), or resets it (0).

Copying & Moving Shortcuts

Ctrl + 1Copies from the Source to the Destination
Ctrl + 2Moves from the Source to the Destination
Ctrl + /"Squash": Copies from the Source to Destination and overwrites without asking
Ctrl + JDuplicates ("Jumps") selected files or folders.
Ctrl + Shift + UMoves files Up to the parent folder.
Ctrl + Shift + DMoves files to the Desktop.
Ctrl + Shift + NCopies the Names of the selected files. Surprisingly useful!
Ctrl + Shift + PCopies the Path of the selected files.
Ctrl + Shift + 5Copies a file's MD5 hash to the clipboard.
Ctrl + Shift + LCopies a fully-formed html hyperLink to the selected files to the clipboard.
Ctrl + Shift + ICopies an html Img link to the selected files to the clipboard.
Ctrl + Shift + CAdds the selected files to the clipboard (without replacing the current files in the clipboard).
Ctrl + Shift + VAsks file name when pasting clipboard text into a tab (which creates a text file).
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 1Copy As: copies from Source to Destination, asking for a new name.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 2Move As: moves from Source to Destination, asking for a new name.

Location Shortcuts

Alt + HomeComputer.
Shift + HomeDesktop. Relies on the GoExisting script (drag and drop the script file into Prefs/Toolbars/Scripts).
Alt + DeleteRecycle Bin. Relies on the GoExisting script (drag and drop the script file into Prefs/Toolbars/Scripts).
Alt + Page UpThe tab's original folder.
Alt + Page DownOpens the selected file's folder (useful in collections and flat view).
Alt + Backspace
or just Backspace
Goes up to the parent folder.
Alt + A through ZGo to Drive A—Z.
Alt + 2System 32
Alt + 6Programs x86
Alt + 4Programs (think 64-bit)
Alt + Left or Right arrowBack or Forward to the previous / next folder.

Renaming Shortcuts

Shift + F2 Opens the Rename panel.
Ctrl + Alt + LConverts file names to Lower case.
Ctrl + Alt + UConverts file names to Upper case.
Ctrl + Alt + SConverts file names to Sentence case.
Ctrl + Alt + CCapitalizes first word of the file name.
Ctrl + Alt + WConverts file names to Web-safe case.
Ctrl + Alt + .Converts dots to spaces.
Ctrl + Alt + -Converts dashes to spaces.
Ctrl + Alt + _Converts underscores to spaces.
Ctrl + Alt + SpacebarRemoves spaces.

Tab Shortcuts

Shift + TNew Tab.
Ctrl + Shift + TUndo Close Tab.
Ctrl + Left or Right arrowShift to the next tab to the left or right in the source display.
Ctrl + Shift + Left or Right arrowShift to the next tab to the left or right in the destination display.
Ctrl + Shift + 1Duplicate Current Tab to the other side.
Ctrl + Shift + 2Move Current Tab to the other side.
Ctrl + KToggles locKing or unlocking the tab's format.
Ctrl + Shift + KToggles Navigation LocK.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + KToggles Slave Tabs ("super navlocK").
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + LToggles Linking the active tabs.

Selection Shortcuts

F4Moves cursor to the Path Bar.
Shift + SpaceToggles focus between the left and right (or up and down) listers.
Ctrl + DDeselects.

Web Shortcuts

Ctrl + F1Open Opus Forum.
Ctrl + Shift + GSearch with Google.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + GSearch with Google Images.
Ctrl + Shift + WSearch with Wikipedia.
Ctrl + Shift + YSearch with YouTube.

Script-Dependent Shortcuts

The following shortcuts will only work if you have installed the script used by the button. This is dead-easy (see my page on Opus scripts).

Ctrl + SToggles between Showing Details and Thumbnails mode, preserving the current selection. Relies on this script.
Alt + DelGo to the Recycle Bin. Relies on the GoExisting script.
Ctrl + Shift + DelEmpty the Recycle Bin. Relies on the GoExisting script.
Shift + HomeDesktop. Relies on the GoExisting script.
Ctrl + ILaunch IMDB for the current movie. Relies on the movie database script.

More Great Opus Shortcuts

F11Email this File.
Shift + F11Email this File, zipped.
Ctrl + Shift + XClears the Quick Filter.
Ctrl + Shift + ROpens a Command Prompt in the current folder.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + RCommand Line Interpreter ("super Run").
Ctrl + \Creates a Symbolic link ("super shortcut").
Alt + EnterFile Properties.
Ctrl + BFile attriButes.
Ctrl + PEdit file descriPtion.
Ctrl + MEdit file Metadata.
Ctrl + Alt + LRotate Picture Left
Ctrl + Alt + RRotate Picture Right
Ctrl + QFTP Quick connect.
Ctrl + Alt + QEdit FTP Quick connect address book.
Windows key + OOpens a new lister.
Shift + EscapeClose the current lister.

Potential System Hotkeys

The following hotkeys are not part of the toolbars. They are custom hotkeys I added to my installation of Opus to help me quickly access certain Windows features. I am listing them here to remind myself of what they are, and to share ideas for such potential hotkeys. For those, I like the Ctrl + Win combination because we are controling Windows.

The hotkeys are "global", which means they are supposed to work from any place in Windows, as long as Opus is running.

To create a global hotkey, Alt-click an empty space on the toolbars to enter Customize mode, then select the "Keys" tab. There, select the "Add" icon. The Add hotkey dialog box has a checkbox to make a system-wide hotkey.

Ctrl + Win + CConfiguration (%SystemRoot%\system32\msconfig.exe)
Ctrl + Win + UUninstall programs (control appwiz.cpl)
Ctrl + Win + ISystem Information (control system)
Ctrl + Win + MComputer Management (%windir%\system32\compmgmt.msc /s)
Ctrl + Win + SServices (%SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc)
Ctrl + Win + /Calculator (%SystemRoot%\system32\calc.exe)



 Feature Wish List: read mine, comment and add yours!

1-2 of 2 Threads
Andy Martin – France
April 27, 2014 - 03:21
Subject: Thank You

Just a quick thank you Andy for a superb and informative site. As a new user to Opus I luckily found your site, and it has saved me hours of self-tuition. Keep the good work up, it is obviously appreciated by many people. As someone else mentioned you ought to have a PayPal button for followers to show their appreciation. Thank you. Andy Martin
John – PA
January 20, 2014 - 13:42
Subject: Program Files Hotkey Suggestion

I use almost all your hotkeys. Often, I end up switching between C:\ and E:\ Program Files. I modified the alt+4 and alt+6 hotkeys to work on any drive letter, including mapped network drives. Simply alt+drive letter then alt+4 or alt+6. Hotkey Functions:
Go "{sourcepath|\}\Program Files"


Alt + 6
Go "{sourcepath|\}\Program Files (x86)"
Reply to John
January 21, 2014 - 11:55
Subject: RE: Program Files Hotkey Suggestion

Hi John,

Thank you very much for your message, that's a great idea for those who have Programs folders on multiple drives.

On the page where the feature is described, I have added a link to this comment for those who want a "drive-independent version".


My Programs are all on one drive so I need to keep the C-bound version of the shortcut. I see that Alt-Shift-4 and Alt-Shift-6 are free, so if you like I could add these to the toolbars by default so they get included in future revs? Your call.

Wishing you a fun week,


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