Opus Resources

On this page, I try to assemble Opus-related resources.


Official Opus Website (60-day free trial). On the manual page, you can download a PDF of the 700-page manual and find a link to an online version of the manual.

Opus Forum and FAQs. The Opus forum is a welcoming place. On some forums, it can feel as though you have to be hazed before someone stoops to giving you a straight-up answer. Not here. Expert users are kind and answer questions at your level.

Plugins, Guides and News. This is a convenient launch page to the marvellous Opus resources created and organized by Leo Davidson—Opus developer and forum hero. If you browse at your leisure, you're guaranteed to learn many things you never knew about Opus!

Threads about Troubleshooting

In this section I plan to start aggregating good forum threads about troubleshooting when I come across them. The organized list of FAQ topics is a great starting point.

CPU usage and Memory Leaks. I haven't had to deal this yet, but I thought I'd pin this thread about shell extensions, which nicely complements this FAQ thread about memory leaks. Most of these problems seem to be caused by external extensions.

Changes to folders are not detected. This sounds like a useful thread if you encounter that problem.



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Ramon L Negron – San Juan, PR
December 20, 2019 - 19:34
Subject: Juast saying HI...

Darned, I'm so happy I found this Dopus site. I have been using Dopus for a long time, but just moving and deleting files, just today I upgraded to 12.18 and I think I'm way over my head here. Thank you for having this site available to a 73 years old newby… Cuco Negron
San Juan, PR
Jim – Kentucky, USA
July 28, 2014 - 10:23
Subject: 2010 toolbars

I have not upgraded to DO11. How do I install your icons and toolbars for 2010? Thank you
Reply to Jim
July 28, 2014 - 10:49
Subject: RE: 2010 toolbars

Hi Jim, I don't recall the exact differences, but I believe the installation for DO11 may have added a step or two. I'd suggest you follow the instructions, and if a step doesn't make sense, just skip it. :) Kind regards, Andy

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