DO 12: How to Upgrade

Upgrading to Opus 12 is not scary!!!

The Directory Opus 12 beta came out on 31 March, 2016—two years and three months after DO 11. Within hours, rabid fans of Opus (among which I count myself) had jumped on it. The initial PDF explaining the new features took up 80 pages. That gives you an idea of the scope of features introduced by DO 12. A barrowful. Mixed in with the delight and curiosity, I had a tinge of worry that switching over would mean days of reconfiguring. Not at all.

This page aims to guide those who use my toolbars through the easy process of upgrading to DO 12, which has now been released. It has a sister page that takes a look at new features in Directory Opus 12 as I start using them.

To upgrade, you do not need to uninstall DO 11. Here is what I did. Warning: there's no warranty that it will work on your end.

✱ During the beta period, get your beta certificate, or, after the official release visit the Upgrade page
✱ Install DO12 and the new License Certificate
✱ Get the initial release notes
✱ Just in case, back up your DO 11 config. After all, you might decide not to upgrade. Prefs button / Backup and Restore / Backup Configuration
✱ Install DO 12 and Reboot
✱ Load the certificate

At this stage, you should have DO12 running, with your tabs and colors. Take a moment to look at the default toolbars. If there's something you particularly like, make a note of it so you can add it later.

But for the moment, our goal is to quickly return to a familiar working environment so we don't have to hunt around for features. This means turning your familiar toolbars back on.

✱ Right-click an empty space on one of the toolbars. Turn on Menu_Playful, Operations_Playful. Turn off the other toolbars unless you want to play with them.
Important tuning. In DO 12, a toolbar's shortcuts can stay active even if a toolbar is turned off. By default, this feature is turned on for the pre-installed default toolbars, so you need to go and turn that off, otherwise the shortcuts will interfere with the Menu_Playful and Operations_Playful toolbars. Alt-click an empty space on any toolbar to enter the Customize menu (or select Prefs / Customize Toolbars). Select the Toolbars tab. Click on the first toolbar at the top, without checking its checkbox. At the bottom right, inspect the "Always enable this toolbar's keys in Listers" checkbox. Turn it off if needed. If not, press the down arrow to select the next toolbar—repeat the operation. If you like, enable the feature for Menu_Playful and Operations_Playful.

✱ Next, you may need to adjust the size of your listers.
Now for an important step: Save your default lister: Ctrl + Alt + F5 or Prefs Button / My Lister: Save + Default. This way, when you modify things or launch again, you can come back to the "Happy Place."
✱ Also right-click an empty space on any toolbar and pick Toolbars / "Set as Default Toolbars Set". Otherwise when you shift to a different lister, Opus 12 will revert to the default toolbars. (In DO 12, each lister can have its own set of toolbars.)

I've started to modify my toolbars for Directory Opus 12, and will be uploading them as I go. For those, you may want to visit my page about what's new in Directory Opus 12.

That's it for now: just a quick post to get us up and going.
I'll probably be adding to this page over the coming weeks.

As usual, feel free to send your comments.

Wishing you good health and lots of fun with Directory Opus 12,


 What's New in DO 12

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Rupert – Glos, UK
March 11, 2017 - 19:46
Subject: Thank You

I really cannot thank you enough for your truly terrific tuts that you post on Dear Opus… They are a real blessing and augment a fantastic app that is too much of a well kept secret…!

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